Patents, Pending patent applications and Invention Disclosures

Provisional Patent Applications and Invention Disclosures Filed at DU Office of Technology Transfer

  1. J. C. Wilson and S. Pourkamali, “Real-Time MEMS Aerosol Impactors,” Invention disclosure filed, October 2012.
  2. S. Pourkamali, and A. Rahafrooz, “Self-Sustained High-Frequency Micro/Nanomechanical Extensional Mode Oscillators,” PCT Application Filed October 2011.
  3. S. Pourkamali, and A. Rahafrooz, “Rotational Mode Disk Resonators for High-Q Operation in Liquid,” PCT Application Filed October 2011.
  4. S. Pourkamali, “Electrostatic Internal Actuation of Micro/Nanomechanical Resonators using Embedded Monolithic Semiconductor PN Junctions,” May 2009. Provisional Application Filed, December 2009, Application abandoned December 2010.
  5. S. Pourkamali, and A. Hajjam, “Temperature Compensated High-Frequency Thermally Actuated Micro/Nanomechanical Resonators,” PCT Application Filed October 2011.
  6. S. Pourkamali, “Low-Cost Solar Energy Harvesting Using Semiconductor Powder,” October 2008. Application abandoned.
  7. S. Pourkamali, “Arrays of Partially Encapsulated Silicon Capacitive Resonators for High Resolution Wireless Chemical and Biological Sensing,” August 2007. Application abandoned.

US Patents

  1. F. Ayazi, G. K. Ho, and S. Pourkamali, “Highly tunable low-impedance capacitive micromechanical resonators, oscillators, and processes relating thereto,” US patent No. 7,511,870, March 2009.
  2. F. Ayazi, S. Pourkamali and G. K. Ho, “Capacitive Vertical Silicon Bulk Acoustic Resonator (SiBAR),” US patent No. 7,176,770, February 2007.
  3. F. Ayazi, and S. Pourkamali, “Electrically-coupled micro-electro-mechanical filter systems and methods,” US patent No.7,098,757, August 2006.
  4. F. Ayazi, R. Abdolvand and S. Pourkamali, “Methods of forming oxide masks with submicron openings therein and microstructures formed thereby,” US patent No. 7,056,757, June 2006.
  5. F. Ayazi, and S. Pourkamali, “Capacitive resonators and methods of fabrication,” US patent No. 7,023,065, April 2006.