Welcome to the UTexas MicroneX Lab

Welcome to µnX Lab in the Department of Electrical Engineering at The University of Texas at Dallas. At µnX Lab, we are focused on design, fabrication, integration and packaging of micro and nano-electro-mechanical devices and systems. Specific areas of interest include thermal-piezoresistive RF resonators and oscillators, silicon resonant nanobalances for chemical and biological sensing, nano-robotics for batch nanofabrication, and low-cost photo-electro-chemical (PEC) silicon solar technologies.


March 2014: Emad's Late News paper was accepted to Hilton Head 2014.

February 2014: Alireza’s paper was accepted to Hilton Head 2014.

January 2014: μnX welcomes Hailey and Gilberto as new undergraduate students.

December 2013: Emad’s papers were accepted to IEEE NEMS 2014.

October 2013: Congrats to Xiaobo for passing his PhD defense at The University of Denver! 

August 2013: μnX welcomes Mohammed, Alireza and Melika as new PhD students. 

July 2013: Emad’s papers were accepted to IEEE Sensors 2013. 

June 2013: Xiaobo joined us as a postdoctoral researcher. 

May 2013: Emad’s paper was presented in 10th NMC Workshop. 

April 2013: Emad’s and Ayesha’s papers were presented in 7th MMB Conference. 

January 2013: We moved to UT Dallas.